Tutor - intelligent tutoring system for problem solving

  • Try to solve different logic puzzle
  • Train your brain and compare with others
  • Tutor will adapt to your skills and recommend you the problems of challenging difficulty


  • 9. 2. During last few months we have added many new problems, many of them are fully available in English.
  • 20. 9. As the Tutor is being actively used in Czech schools, we are currently focusing particularly on the developement of Czech version of the system. The development is currently very active, so some texts are not yet translated into English. Sorry. Nevertheless, the core of the system should work correctly in English.
  • 22. 7. New educational problem: Binary crossword (not yet properly translated to English, but most of the problems are purely symbolic, so it should not be a major problem).
  • 3. 5. New educational problem added: Grapher - task, which will help you to understand math functions.
  • 26. 4. New Programming problem added (Karel robot).
logotype of OPVK project